The First
Discord Bot Engine

Meet the world's first Discord Bot Engine, Xeavy!
Xeavy is a powerful, multi-platform bot engine that handle the most tough parts for you.

Imagine a puzzle where all parts fit another, that's Xeavy!
Developer Friendly

Xeavy automatically handles the tough parts for you.

Quick Start

It takes less than 5 minutes to build a Xeavy bot.

Customizable Code

You can replace any part of Xeavy easily to fit your needs.


Feature area

Hot Reload

Use Xeavy's built-in hot-reload feature to immediately update your bot.

Addon System

Use the modular addon system to easily add and remove features, or even let customers decide it for their servers.

Command Handler

Use the built-in sectioned command handler or easily build your own to fit your needs.

Platform Independent

Bored of building for each platform?
Xeavy handles that part for you!

Make your Bot to manage everything

  • Easily add or remove default handlers, or even let your customers decide for their servers.
  • Switch between command handlers without touching your commands.
  • Easily monitor any activity on your bot using the built-in Statistics Graph UI addon.
  • Communicate between commands and events, integrate shared features using Xeavy Var States.
Built-in RtU's
Built-in RtU's

Exclusive Features (built-in Ready to Uses)

Command Sections

Each command can be divided into multiple sections, which then can easily be enabled or disabled by your customers for their servers.


Task Management is automatically handled by Xeavy. You can easily add time-based tasks, specify conditions and watch it work!

Rules (AKA Policies)

Rules can be defined for all supported Discord events that can be used to trigger actions. Block or allow any activity done by your bot.

Xeavy is Growing








Clients on Bots

how it work

Get the Copy

After your purchase, you will receive a copy of Xeavy (content depends on your pricing plan).

Extract the package you received to a folder.

Generate Bot & Open

Using Xeavy Project Generator, you can easily generate a bot template.

For C#: After generation, open your project using your IDE (Microsoft Visual Studio recommended).

For Lua* & JavaSript*: All you should do is opening the Lua/JavaScript template.

Build & Run

That's it!
Build the project (Only for C#) and run the bot on any platform using xeavy_win64, xeavy_linux64 or xeavy_osx64**!


Pricing Plans


Xeavy Enterprise - (One time payment)
  • Entire Source Code of Xeavy
  • Source Code of Security Bot
  • Addon Manager
  • Documentation
  • Project Generators
  • Bot Tools
  • 24/7 Support
  • Built-in Addons
  • Critical Updates
Price does NOT include VAT.


Xeavy & XGUI Bundle - (Unavailable)
  • Entire Source Code of Xeavy
  • Entire Source Code of XGUI
  • Source Code of Security Bot
  • XGUI sample projects
  • XGUI Editor (Alpha)
  • Addon Manager
  • Documentation of Xeavy and XGUI
  • Project Generators
  • Bot Tools
  • 24/7 Support
  • Built-in Addons
  • Critical Updates
Price does NOT include VAT.

Frequently asked question

Why Xeavy?

Xeavy is the only Discord Bot Engine with unique features alongside with 24/7 free support you can find in the world. We work to derive the best to you and your customers.

Is Xeavy well-documented?

Xeavy's documentation currently does not include every features, but is enough to start a project. We are adding even more samples and explanations each passing day.

Why Xeavy is Expensive?

The pricing above is for enterprise solutions that includes the entire product (Xeavy) and its source-code, you will be getting all of our hard work.
Source codes of products are sold for even higher values, therefore we believe our pricing is quite fair and balanced.

We do not want to bother you every month or year for checkouts, therefore we decided on making it a single-time payment.

Source Code refers to

I bought Xeavy, can I refund?

Xeavy does not have an online checkout system, once you get it; it is yours forever.
Therefore, Xeavy cannot be refunded.

Instead, you can ask anything you want to us at before your purchase to make sure everything is as expected for you.

Note: Before you receive the product, you can ask for a refund within 7 days of the original purchase of the product.

I bought Xeavy, will I receive updates?

You will receive critical updates. Critical updates includes bug fixes, incorrect implementations, documentation and broken features.
You won't receive the next version of Xeavy.

Each version has to be bought separately.

What are the supported platforms?

Xeavy currently supports Windows and Linux. However, we will extend to macOS & Android soon.

For your information, we currently do not have any plans to add support for iOS at this time.


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