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Application Development


We develop fast, high fidelity, modern and multi-platform applications with the requested features on it, just for you.

Would like to develop it yourself? Alright!
Using our editors, tools and UI engine, you can easily build desktop applications by yourself.



Xeavy is the first Discord Bot Engine ever developed that handles multi-platform and API-specific issues for you in the background while you deal just with your bot.
We also offer built-in and unrivaled features that will satisfy most of your needs in a bot.



Xeavy Graphical User Interface (XGUI) is a multi-platform, vector-based, fast, onscreen and offscreen User Interface Engine. It can be used in bots, games, desktop applications and every kind of software, using both GPU and CPU.

XGUI has a responsive, flexible and mostly thread-safe backend that handles the most-tough parts for you.

Using XGUI, you can also get advantage of the built-in restoring system for entities. You can easily save a button or an entire window to a file, and then load it back at any time.

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Products and Services are developed quality in-mind at Deskasoft International.


We have high-performance development and analytics tools that bring us one-step ahead to quality, performance and high fidelity.


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Our support team is well-prepared to help you out with all issues you may encounter while you are using our services and products, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.